Cetaqua | Water treatment technology

Cetaqua | Water treatment technology

Water Biotechnology

Name of the Technology / Innovation: Water treatment technology

Sector: Water biotechnology

Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs): TRL 7 – system prototype demonstration in operational environment

Country: Spain


Cetaqua is looking for companies that help contribute with the support of their investors to the development of knowledge technologies to improve the management of resources and the regeneration of water, creating solutions applied to a more efficient and integrated operation.

Therefore, the solutions follow different vectors. On the one hand, they allow for the management of underground water resources, avoiding their overexploitation, and advance in the search for alternative and efficient sources. In addition, they promote the regeneration and reuse of wastewater as a long-term sustainable solution, overcoming current technical, environmental, social and economic challenges.

Its priority lines of research are:

  • Drinking water treatment technologies
  • Regeneration and reuse
  • Groundwater preservation and aquifer recharge
    Climate services and basin management

They are currently working on a new model of treatment plants for biofactories (eco-factories) or facilities that generate valuable resources, guaranteeing the quality of conventional parameters as well as contributing to the recovery and reuse of resources in wastewater.

The innovative management models presented by Cetaqua are necessary to reduce the pressure on resources, increase the life cycle and contribute to the recovery and recycling of waste. The development of strategies and plans will make it possible to be more resilient, enhancing the circular economy through the proposed sustainable technologies, measures and practices.

The company is committed to guaranteeing quality and health safety by researching certain compounds that can affect the taste of water until possible intentional contamination of the distribution network is quickly detected. Hence the importance of having risk assessment and measurement tools. Reliable solutions that allow for the detection of microbiological and chemical contaminants, and that reduce the response time by ensuring adequate management in the face of incidents.

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