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Ocean Energy


Sector: Marine Technology, Ocean Energy

Country: Ireland


Limerick Wave’s mission is to transform the mechanical power of sea waves into electrical power for general consumption.


What does Limerick Wave offer WEC developers?

At Limerick Wave, we want to see our Aontreo PTO technology being used by WEC developers, but we do not want WEC developers to take a financial risk on our Aontreo PTO technology. We are so confident in the technology that we are therefore offering to work with WEC developers that are interested in using our PTO technology under an understanding that when the combined WEC and Aontreo PTO technologies become commercially viable we share the financial return. This type of agreement removes the financial risk from the WEC developers and further demonstrates Limerick Wave’s confidence in our Aontreo PTO technology.


At Limerick Wave, we have identified the link in the wave energy conversion supply chain that is not fit-for-purpose, namely the Power Take Off (PTO) technology. Existing Wave Energy Converters (WECs) are excellent at capturing the mechanical forces from waves. This is achieved mainly by having one body moving relative to another. Converting this mechanical movement to electricity is the challenge. Sea wave energy is characterised as slow moving with high forces (torque), and to use existing electrical generators we need to turn the rotor at high speed and low torque. It is in this conversion that Limerick Wave have excelled.


Aontreo PTO disruptive technology

Limerick Wave have developed Aontreo PTO disruptive technology which works as a Mechanical Motion Rectifier (MMR). That is, our technology can convert two-way motion into one-way motion.

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