The blue economy sector of the Atlantic Area is largely made up of leading not only national, but also international companies , thanks to the innovative technologies, products and services they provide in various sectors, such as blue biotechnology, aquaculture or renewable energy.

Many of these companies have emerged in recent years from the scientific and research environment, others are spin-outs of companies already consolidated and have given rise to business initiatives of remarkable success. There are also companies with a long business development  which have identified the blue economy as a niche business of the future.

Companies, as well as research agents, also develop technologies and innovations that seek financing in order to be part of the market.

Their projects are reflected in the “BLUE ECONOMY TECHNOLOGIES” section of this Portal.

Companies from the field of the Blue Economy present in the Atlantic Area

ALGICEL was created within the industry and the university as a way to gather and combine these two different worlds, thereby enhancing mutual understanding in order to generate value in the field of biotechnology.

AMBERJACK SOLUTIONS works with the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute for more than a decade, developing a network of tide gauge stations around Portugal- mainland, Madeira and Azores. Maintenance teams are available 24/7 to make sure that all the network stations are up and running for as much time as possible.

OFISEQ proposes solutions for In the case of Offshore aquaculture by using a platform that allows to obtain a great control of the food distribution that reduces drastically the loss.

MARE STARTUP is a program of entrepreneurship and support for business innovation in the area of the Sea. This initiative aims to promote performance in the area of the sea, emerging as a program to encourage the creation of new businesses and business innovation in the Blue Growth.

Technology-based company and spin-off from the Universidade de Santiago Compostela. Development of active compound extraction processes from seaweed for industrial cosmetic, nutraceutical and food applications.

An Irish based SME, holding two licensed aquaculture sites to cultivate a range of macroalgae. Expertise in seaweed commercialisation with a proven track record in product innovation and applications.