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La Espiral Verde is a Galician company that was born in Vigo in 2014 as a result of a personal search for a healthier life in all areas.
One of the bases of the ecological cosmetics is the use of natural ingredients obtained and elaborated through natural processes. We chose seaweed as the main component of our products because we are very familiar with it, given our Galician origins.

La Espiral Verde, an international brand, has a technical department specialised in the research of seaweed, an R+D department where technical professionals develop our formulas, and facilities for the manufacture, packaging, design and packing, etc.
The products and activities of La Espiral Verde, S.L. have been certified according to the BioVidaSana Standard by the Swiss certifier bio.inspecta, which is integrated by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FIBL), the biggest research and development laboratory of organic agriculture in Europe.

Currently, La Espiral Verde is part of the international reference research centre for seafood products, Anfaco-Cecopesca, in whose Business Incubator we are located. Furthermore, we are part of the Galician cluster of biotechnology companies Bioga, as we believe that ecology and biotechnological advances can go perfectly together on their way towards a more sustainable and better world.


Certified natural and organic cosmetics based on seaweed.

His previous experience in the development of patents for obtaining and separating food substances has served to develop these same processes in the laboratory in order to achieve an ingredient with a greater quantity of active ingredient and, therefore, greater cosmetic properties.

By carefully studying all these characteristics in the laboratory, collecting samples in different areas and tides, and even travelling to see how the algae behaved in different environments, we have been able to ascertain that the location, water temperature, atmospheric exposure, outside temperature, the absence of nitrites in the water, its salinity and opacity, the way in which the algae is obtained and dried, and the texture are factors, among others, that influence the proportion of active ingredients in the substances that make up both the Fucus and Laminaria algae.

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