In this section you will be able to access information on those technologies and innovations close to the market that are seeking funding. They come from research entities and companies that are related to the Blue Economy of the Atlantic Area and that are registered in this Portal.

This portfolio includes technologies and innovations based on marine and maritime resources or related to the different sectors of the Blue Economy. They are mature enough to be close to the market and also have great potential for industrial use.

In this way, investors are made aware of the technological offer developed by the R+D+I agents of the Atlantic Area in the field of the Blue Economy, both  from companies and knowledge entities that are interested in being transferred to the market in the short term.

What are the Blue Economy technologies and innovations developed by Atlantic Area research talent?


Offshore Aquaculture

The solution found to provide submersion and emersion capacity to the Submersible Feeding, Control and Command Platform, allowing its installation in the open sea, constitutes the main differentiating innovation of this proposed equipment compared to what already exists at the market.

Aquaculture- Coastal tourism- Ocean energy

Telemetry and Automation

Amberjack Solutions designs and develops telemetry andt automation systems for industrial use, research and development and for environmental institutions.


Offshore Aquaculture

Algicel was created within the industry and the university as a way to gather and combine these two different worlds, thereby enhancing mutual understanding in order to generate value in the field of biotechnology.


Offshore aquaculture platform

Mare Startup designs The platform reacts to bad wether conditions at the surface (high waves) by submerging and comes back to surface when conditions get back to normal


Marine aquaculture

Carbiotech is looking for funding to be able to continue increasing and researching for the production of microalgae in bioreactors and thus expand its market lines. At a later stage, Carbiotech plans to develop and market this type of product itself.

Marine Biotechnology

Seaweed nutrient capture

Redrose Developments, using its proprietary knowledge and working with local harvesters, will process small quantities of various commercially valuable seaweeds within a given geographical area, which will be assessed for species and sustainability in order to bring them to market.

 Marine Biotechnology

Marine aquaculture

Bantry Marine Research Station offers a complete integrated solution to plastic SME stakeholders from the production of the feedstock in sustainable Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture systems.

Water Biotechnology

Water treatment technology

Cetaqua is looking for companies that help contribute with the support of their investors to the development of knowledge technologies to improve the management of resources and the regeneration of water, creating solutions applied to a more efficient and integrated operation.

La Espiral Verde

Marine biotechnology

La Espiral Verde is looking for sources of financing to be able to continue developing ecological cosmetics using natural ingredients obtained and elaborated by means of natural processes until obtaining the texture, characteristic and quality desired.