La Espiral Verde | Natural seaweed cosmetics

La Espiral Verde | Natural seaweed cosmetics


Name of the Technology / Innovation: WMarine Biotechnology

Sector: Marine biotechnology

Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs): TRL 7 – system prototype demonstration in operational environment

Country: Spain


La Espiral Verde is looking for sources of funding to continue developing ecological cosmetics using natural ingredients obtained and elaborated through natural processes until the desired texture, characteristic and quality is obtained.

At present, we have a technical department specialised in the investigation of marine algae, an R+D department where technical professionals develop our formulas, and facilities for the manufacture, packaging, design and packing, etc.


Production of natural and sustainable products using seaweed as main ingredients.

All these characteristics have been carefully studied in the laboratory, collecting samples in different areas and tides, and even travelling to see how the algae behaved in different environments. We have been able to verify that the location, water temperature, atmospheric exposure, external temperature, the absence of nitrites in the water, its salinity and opacity, the way in which the algae is obtained and dried, and the texture are factors, among others, that influence the proportion of active principles of the substances that make up both the Fucus and Laminaria algae.

When applying the algae in the preparation of cosmetics, we have also studied in detail which products to mix before or after, the temperature, the reaction time between mixtures, agitation, the way in which the algae is incorporated, etc.

With all this, we have managed to considerably increase the properties of our cosmetics.

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