Sector: Fisheries, Animal feed production, Biotechnology, Cosmetics

Country: Portugal


Founded in Faial, Azores in 2003, seaExpert lives the global Ocean and coastal community’s reality every day. Initially aimed to support the Azorean artisanal fishery, we quickly extended our activity overseas.

Unique in its profile in Portugal, seaExpert develops work in coastal, mainland and long-distance fishing fleets and communities. With strong scientifically based work, we have been accumulating experience over the years with competence, rigor and entrepreneurial spirit.

seaExpert has been broadening its horizons in the world of fishing and the sea in general, with services provided by different Regional Fisheries Management Organizations in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, through Consulting for EU DGMARE or services for both the Governments of the Republic of Portugal and the Azores.

Always with an eye on innovation and excellence, seaExpert, in partnership with the University of the Azores, was also a pioneer in the implementation and development of aquaculture in the Region, with several projects for the production of barnacles and sea urchins.

Currently we are also focused on seaweed wild harvesting and supply, a sector with huge potential and with growing interest and applicability in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotechnology, supplements and animal feed industries.

As in everything we do, seaExpert’s main drive is strictly on SUSTAINABILITY  standards, not only biological but also social, making a point of respecting, above all, who allows us to live of the Sea – NATURE itself.


Seaweed harvesting, seaweed extracts and fisheries management.

  • Bromoil
  • Greenbeef
  • GEEBovMit
  • Azores Ecoblue
  • Biotechnological valorization of Azorean macroalgae with commercial interest

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TRAVESSA DO FARROBIM, 15, 9900-361 Horta, Azores – Portugal

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