Future Oceans Lab

Future Oceans Lab

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Future Oceans Lab

Sector: Fishing, Marine Ecosystem Services

Keywords: Adaptation, climate change, fisheries, social-ecological system


Research group working on solutions for adapting marine systems to the impacts expected from climate change. We apply a wide perspective from social and natural sciences to understand adaptation and work towards future oceans sustainability.

Areas and Research Groups

Lines of research:

  • Understanding marine socio-ecological systems. We use the social-ecological systems approach to understand how systems react to climate change. We develop adaptation solutions based on the interconnections of ecological, social and institutional components of a system.
  • Adapting fisheries management to climate change. Developing solutions for natural resource management under climate change with the use of bioeconomic modelling and game theory approaches.
  • Evaluating institutional arrangements. Analysing the consequences of shifts in species distribution in institutional fisheries arrangements. Exploring the role of Marine Reserves, quotas, property rights and transboundary agreements.
Most important R+D+i projects
  • Climate Adaptation to shifting stocks- CLOCK (funded by ERC-StG)
  • Engaging Mediterranean key actors in Ecosystem Approach to manage Marine Protected Areas to face Climate change-MPAengage (funded by InterregMed)

Contact us on

Future Oceans Lab, Torre CACTI, planta -2

36310 Campus Universitario Vigo

Vigo, Galicia, Spain

(+34) 986 13 01 73