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Sector: Aquaculture- Marine biotechnology- Alternative Seafood & Proteins


Hatch is a global aquaculture accelerator dedicated to making fully sustainable aquaculture a global reality.
They find that developing, investing in and scaling up the early stages of global aquaculture. They have invested in 30 aquaculture companies in the last 2 years.


Finding the right innovation to solve the bottlenecks and to solve real problems in the aquaculture sector in a sustainable impactful way. We connect experts and commercial partners along with seed funding to scale a business to commercial success. Additionally we seek to increase the global profile of global aquaculture and the need to find new technological innovations for it to realise its complete potential.

Everything they do and invest in must adhere to SDG’s, and contribute to the sustainable growth of global aquaculture. HATCH do not invest directly in farms rather we invest in technologies that improve the efficiency and lessen the impact on the environment in terms production of high quality seafood and protein.


They seek both access to interesting projects that we can support and invest in, and financial support to increase our activities and resources to grow our services to reach more ideas and concepts of innovation in aquaculture in the early stages.

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7/8 Liberty Street


(+353) 870 557 400