QED Naval Limited

QED Naval Limited

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QED Naval Limited

Sector: marine energy

Country:United Kingdom 


QED Naval limited want to implement their Subhub technology into projects   and help the Project developers exploit the natural resources in the most cost effective, profitable and environmentally friendly way. QED has developed an innoative self-deploying submersible, tidal platform which delivers significant, industry wide, operating and maintenance cost savings, as well as sought after turbine installation and energy yield improvements.


Subhub Tidal Plataform.

QED have a prioritary line in development ad investigation. Scottis Enterprise has supported QED Naval on the commercialisation of their Subhub Tidal Plataform . The Project want arrive at all technicals and commercials risk asociated with Subhub tecnology and it Project finaly with the success of the ballast  sistema.

This test tank can replicate any wave and tade in some part of the world . This Project was very important because there was  very little data about this highly non-linear loading environment.

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